User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

If you want to truly understand how your users use your software, gathering simple analytics like page views and clicks is not enough.

When Just Measurement is Not Enough

Simple analytics can help you measure the extent to which your users use your product. However, you will not know why your users use or do not use certain features. Enter AddHints analytics.

Create Tours for New Users

Create Mini Surveys

It is incredible how much information can be gathered by asking a simple question. You don't need to burden your users with long and boring surveys. Simple one or two step popus help you capture required feedback from your users.

With AddHints you create mini surveys and capture user feedback.

Add a Touch of Personalization

You can create different surveys for different user segments. It is totally up to you how you segment your users. The key point is that AddHints allows you to offer different surveys to different user groups.

Add a Touch of Personalization
Capture User Interactions

Analyze User Feedback

AddHints provides powerful analytic features to analyze user feedback.

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