Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that you wanted to know about AddHints.

Pricing, Signup and Billing

How much does AddHints cost?

AddHints is an affordable solution even for the very small startups. Exact price depends on the number of active monthly users that you have. Please refer to our pricing page.

How are monthly active users calculated?

Monthly active users are calculated as the total number of users who sign in to your application in any given month. We don't charge you for dormant users who may be in your database but don't log any activity during a given month.

Do you have a free trial?

Sure thing. AddHints gives you a fully featured trial for 14 days. No credit card is required to get started. Click here to start the trial immediately.


How do I add AddHints to my web application?

Glad you asked. It's super easy. You just need to add a single line of Javascript to your webpage. That's it.

How do I use AddHints after adding it to my web application?

After you add the AddHints Javascript to your web application, all further work is done from the AdddHints browser-based application.

What do I need to use AddHints Webapp?

AddHints Webapp is a fully cloud-based application that can be used from any modern web browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install.

Is AddHints cross-browser compatible?

Yes, AddHints is cross browser compatible and it works equally well in all modern browsers.