Add Live Introduction and Step-by-Step Hints to Your Web Application

A better way to show them around

AddHints is a super tool made specifically for SaaS owners and customer success teams to boost user activation and adoption. Explore our powerful features.

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What is AddHints?

Research shows that no matter how well designed your application is, new users will experience difficulties with getting started. You can dramatically reduce the learning curve by adding interactive tours to your application.

This is what AddHints does. You immediately guide your users into the direction that helps them start using your application in no time. Apart from interactive tours you can create checklists, info popups and surveys to further enhance your user experience.

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Why Use AddHints?

With AddHints you can add interactive tours to your web application. Users start engaging with your application immediately.

Onboard New Users
Onboard New Users

Easily onboard new users. Cut user activation time from days to seconds, reduce user retention costs and relieve burden on your support team.

Introduce New Features
Introduce New Features

Make it super easy for your users to discover new features and updates introduced in your application. Users will start using new features instantly.

Analyze User Behaviour
Analyze User Behavior

Gather user feedback by creating mini surveys and analyze user interactions with the tours. Our powerful analytic features gives you 360 degrees view.

How Does it Work?

AddHints is a versatile tool. You just need to add one line of Javascript code to your web application. After that, you can create unlimited tours for your users.

The AddHints Console provides you with detailed analytics about your users and how they interact with your AddHints tours.

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  • "By using AddHints we have seen 300% increase in user engagement. Instead of waiting hours and days for new users to start using our application, we see immediate engagement with InboxHit." Team